AVTECH is in the position of the World’s No. 1 surveillance video recorder company with over 2,000,000 sets sold. In an era of personal mobile communication made available by introduction of smart phones, AVTECH has developed a series of EagleEyes mobile applications on various platforms, including iPhone®, BlackBerry®, Nokia® Symbian, Windows® Mobile and etc, enabling people to watch or to control anytime from anywhere through connecting to our IP products.

Based on AVTECH's years of research and development on cutting edge technology, we have proudly launched a series of Intelligent Video Surveillance Digital Video Recorders (IVS DVR) and IVS Cameras. IVS DVR provides much more extensive field applications than any surveillance products on the market. The IVS DVR not only records and plays back as traditional DVRs, but also allows utilizations in business functions when connected with IVS cameras. People counting feature, for example, would give you a very clear understanding of the number of customers coming in and out of your store at any given time without ever stopping by at the store yourself.

Our AVM series gives you the peace of mind. For applications like servant monitoring, company security measures, intrusion response for shops/offices, burglary prevention, warehouse management and etc, intrusions are reported and displayed instantaneously on your mobile communication devices. With our application of push notification, the AVM series delivers the video at the time of incidence directly to you. Its test-proven reliability produces near perfect trigger accuracy.

Our AVK Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras are very smart. It automatically zooms in upon approaching humans or objects to record clearer evidence by using the Smart Zoom feature. It tracks and follows the object in sight with the Auto-Tracking function. Above all, you can personally handle all the surveillance activities by remote manual controls.

Answering your needs in Internet Video products, AVTECH's IVS IP Camera series is your best choice. In perfect coordination of EagleEyes software, notifications are sent directly to you upon incidence (Push Notification) to achieve real-time surveillance and response. Further, its built-in Smart Zoom, Auto-Tracking , and Face Tracking functions provide more value to your IP Camera products.

All the above AVTECH IVS DVR, AVK, AVM, and IVS IP Camera series products work in perfect harmony with the feature-rich and user-friendly EagleEyes software on your smart phones. It not only provides unique usage to your mobile phone, but also gives you the peace of mind and efficiency that you have been looking for.

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