Pheasant Run Resort - St. Charles, IL

     This magnificent resort spans over on a 250 acre property with over 100,000 sq ft of meeting spaces, 473 rooms, 6 Restaurant and lounges, 2 theaters, and a comedy club.  Back in 2008 Pheasant Run Resort security management had inquired to an upgrade of their existing analog surveillance system that was over 10 years old.  Their major challenge was to utilize their analog camera system and adding additional cameras without having to rerun any new video lines as the labor and cabling are the majority of the expense.


     At Envision Systems our solution was to a hybrid DVR system by Geovision.  With an hybrid system we were able to utilize their existing analog cameras and simultaneously install digital IP 1.3 Megapixel cameras throughout the resort.  We accomplished this without having to run anymore than 50 feet of wire to central security office.  How did we do this? We integrated with the hotels network infrastructure that was already in place. We assigned dedicated IP addresses just for the security network and have allocated over 100 unique static addresses for future upgrades.  We wired directly into the resorts network switches that was installed throughout the hotel.  We then networked all the cameras to the DVR's in the central security office. Even though hybrid DVR's and IP cameras may cost a bit more than analog overall the hotel saved thousands of dollars on cabling and labor alone. We worked closely with their internal IT director making sure bandwith was not an issue. 


     Also with the hybrid system they are able to upgrade and add additional IP cameras as needed without having to change the entire system. After two years the hotel is still adding additional IP cameras and with technology advancing 4 mega pixel 360 degree fisheye cameras have been implemented in large areas.


     As of 2012 we have installed several cameras at a building 2000' feet away utilizing wireless access point systems outdoors.  For 2013 we will continue this trend and install several more Geovision cameras making a wireless mesh network (WMN).

Corrigan Moving Systems - Lombard, IL

     Corrigan is a third generation, family owned business that began packing and moving household furniture in 1929. Today, besides household goods, Corrigan manages all types of corporate relocation and personal household moves. Corrigan had contacted us originally in 2008 to out fit their Addison warehouse and office with a surveillance system.  Soon after they were moving to Lombard, IL.  Their operations manager at the time had notified us that they were obtaining used but in good working order CCTV  equipment from a different location warehouse.


     The new location had to be built out with an new office inside the warehouse with up to 50' ceilings. We provided excellent flexibility in working with and around building construction personnel. Which included working after 6pm until late hours to complete the wiring phase.  Our company offered this flexible service without any additional after hour costs to them.


    As a budget was an key player we were able to integrate most of the aquired system as well as with new equipment. We installed a Dual Codec DVR with remote networking capablities and enough storage to last over a month of recorded video.  During the wiring pre-phase we utilized twisted pair CAT5e cabling with video baluns instead of traditional video coax cables.  This way in the future if they decide to upgrade their cameras to IP a change of connectors is all that is needed. Thus saving thousands on rewiring.  This technology does not cost any more than the traditional video cable.


    Overall we installed multiple color cameras monitoring the entire warehouse as well as a PTZ camera to monitor the truck bays and employee parking.


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